Relate myself to Seneca


It’s true that many of us can’t stay away from social media and many people can’t avoid that as much as they want to because I know it’s hard but there are moments where we need to be in our own space sometimes. I do love being connected to social media but I also do need space because I believe that staying out from the network can help a lot. It can also help you to communicate to people correctly without your phone in front of you. That helps me in so many ways, I use to have my phone in front of my face while people are talking to me. I knew it was a bad behavior but it’s just hard to get away from social media even just for a little bit that’s how hard it was but I’ve learned how to control it.

For me staying off social media is one hundred percent healthy for me because I don’t have to be involved in things I don’t need to be involved on. I say that because many people use social network for dramas that their going through to let everyone see what’s going on. I honestly don’t want to be part of something like that especially being on the spotlight where people can see your conversations. That would be one of the reasons I need my space because we are human beings and we do need to be alone and just think and be with ourselves. Without technology we can get a lot of things done and get less distracted with things that’s going on around the internet and just enjoy being with people we love.


Chapter 11 Summary: “A Cooler Self”


In this chapter it talks about Marshall McLuhan and how technology has take in over our lives many people gets crazy without technology right beside them there are a lot of chaos involved. He is the only philosopher who is surrounded by the screens that provides the missing piece. He is a very wise man with his own input on things he wanted to do with his life. Many people has forgotten the answers to our dilemma which would be our own self and our own minds many people forgets because it’s the last place where people would think about. McLuhan was a Canadian who studied English literature he was passionate about the mass media and different types of popular culture there is. Today McLuhan was known to say two phrases which would be  “the global village” and “The medium is the message” those phrases was so popular because everything about that phrase is correct.

McLuhan wanted a lot of people to know that if  there is a problem that people are feeling overwhelmed by technology all they need to do is to relax and altered in their inmost lives that’s the way he put it. In 1962, McLuhan’s book became successful the book is called “The Gutenberg Galaxy: The making of Typographic Man” he argued strongly about his response to this book that technology has a powerful impact to human beings than the content they carry. McLuhan played a role “Woody Allen movie Annie Hall.” McLuhan predicted that in the future our minds would operate more like the oral mind of Socrates’ era he also said that this new age had already arrived people has been very anxious and full of doubt.

What can I do to change my habits?


Honestly, there are a lot of things I need to change but one of them would have to be going on Tumblr because it keeps me from achieving my full attention to things like homework and test that I need to study for. Tumblr is just something I enjoy doing I reblog a lot especially about fashion and quotes that I admire very much, I just keep on scrolling and find more interesting pictures I can reblog. I do that repeatedly even though I need to do my homework or do things practical that I actually need to get done and study for my other classes.

Tumblr is the first thing I go on when I wake up to turn off my alarm rather than getting ready to go somewhere I’m still laying down scrolling and re-blogging  for about 10 to 20 minutes than that’s when I get up. It’s honestly a bad habit because I wouldn’t get anything done especially my homework on time, an hour later that’s when I realized I need to get everything done before school starts.

On Wednesday I will be giving up something that I basically can’t live without, Tumblr gives me so much inspiration especially when it come to fashion I’m literally distracted every single day. Of course I would find it very difficult for not being able to go on Tumblr  especially having an app on my phone is even harder because I usually just click on it when I’m bored or whenever I feel like it. I’m kinda excited about the reaction I would have without going on my Tumblr I use to know how to check it not very often but now I check it everyday and it’s hard for me. I’m hoping this exercise will help me a lot to the point that I’m not too obsessed with it as much anymore, I want to learn how to know my limits especially when I’m doing my homework.

Chapter 8 Summary: “Shakespeare”

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In this chapter it talked a lot about the Moleskine it was very popular and very useful, we can all use it for a lot of things like keeping notes and reminders about everything or just doodling. It was one of the classic models with black covers and a elastic band to keep it close when you’re not using it and putting in the band can also be useful for keeping track of where you are. Gutenberg’s invention the printing press change how books were made of by 1500, there were an estimation of 8 million printed books and people didn’t know what to do with all of them. Moleskine is a very handy tool we can put a lot of different things, for example people use them for notes or for their journal and some very important situation. As today we use Moleskine to put things like culture, travel, memory, imagination, and personal identity.

In 1590, Shakespeare was writing a play he was a young man who recently arrived in London from the provincial town of Stratford-upon-Avon this was also his birth of place that he spent most of his life. London was the third largest city in Europe with a population approaching to 200,00. William Shakespeare wrote a lot of plays that included Romeo & Juliet and Hamlet. As many people learned how to read and gain access to books and other different resources to use for reading is an opportunity for growth and gain very strong vocabulary to use and it’s something that the world needs. Shakespeare was born in a community where many people read very few and they would call them “the poet of the human race” I think that’s a great name to use. It also talks about technology and how society can adjust us to a powerful and great world.

This chapter was interesting I learned a lot through Shakespeare I love his plays and the way he gets into the character, my favorite play would have to be Romeo & Juliet because it’s a love monologue and it’s a subject I liked. I can’t wait to read more through the book to find out what’s more to come I would like to learn a lot more about Shakespeare I think he is a very interesting man and a very wise one too.

Chapter 7 Summary: “Little Mirrors”


In this chapter it talks about Gutenberg and all of his inventions,  the experience he went through and how he dealt with technology. The most popular gadgets of the last few years would be the Apple iPhone 3G, it arrived in stores all around the world a few summers ago. This phone has everything it has a web browser, camera, video and a music player. This gadget was a dream machine it made the global addicted to it and it made a lot of people want to purchase this phone people would say “the more connected you are the better it is.” People would call the phone “Jesus Phone” because of how popular it is and how smart the phone is, the Jesus Phone was all over the Mercury News of Northern California. There was a man name Hiroyuki Sano he traveled 220 miles and he camped outside the store for about three days to get the new “Jesus Phone. When he walked out of the store where he got his new phone there was a large pack of tech paparazzi who chased him for about four blocks. When he was running away from them he started saying “I’m extremely happy.”

In ancient Athens there was a physical problem, many people has a hard time reading privately because of how much they can’t understand the things that they’ve read it was really hard for them. Rather than reading privately people rather read in a group because it helps them better then reading out loud but in my opinion it disagree I like reading out loud rather then reading in a group. Manguel said that reading is called “oral skill” it’s called that because it’s a social thing that generally happens in the company or other people. Manguel wrote a book called ‘”A History of Reading” he wrote it in the year of 1996 it was called the earliest known Western history person who read to himself without speaking. There was a special device that had been created to make people heal it’s called small convex mirror it’s designed to catch and absorb the rays in our bodies.

My response to this chapter is I like it I enjoyed this chapter very much reading about Gutenberg has taught me a lot and I think Gutenberg is a wise man. I can’t wait to read more throughout the book to know what will happen next. Gutenberg is a very intelligent guy and I would want to know more about his story and how he build the printing press.

Nicholas Carr- “Is Google Making Us Stupid”

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In this article it talks about how Google make us dumb because of how many access we have and how much we can use it for different useful things. Everything was so hard on him because his mind was somewhere else even though he wanted to focus on reading, when he was reading he felt things were changing. His mind was caught up in something else which would be being online and scrolling for hours. He just tries even more to read and focus because during the second and third page it started drifting apart he gets fidgety, he loses himself. It felt like to him that his brain is falling apart because of how much he tries and focus on reading but he always struggles with it. He didn’t know what was going on at first but now he does, he just been spending more than a decade now being online and just scrolling through pages.

I honestly think that Google has helped me a lot, it doesn’t make me feel lazy in any way I feel that it helps me to be smarter because I would search for answers and I learn from them. I don’t know what I would do without having Google in my life because whenever I need help on anything especially my homework Google helps me with it. No, I don’t think Google makes us stupid I think it’s a huge help to all of us and it will stay with us for a long time.

The video that we were watching in class was about our technology and how it would look like in the near future. I honestly enjoyed it,  it would be incredible to have that in the next generation. It would be beautiful I loved how the kitchen looked it would be great to have those design for the stove and how everything worked out.

Chapter 6 Summary: The Spa Of The Mind


William Powers talks about one of the philosopher named Seneca, in this chapter it talks about how technology can distract you no matter what. Even though you are going through a lot you can still find your way to relax yourself and put everything around you on hold. I really believe that right now that’s something we all don’t succeed on, it really is hard to stay relax while you have so much in your plate. It’s amazing how Seneca can do such a great talent because it would really make our lives easier if we knew how to be relax when things stressful happens.

One of the example that William Powers used in the book was when you’re doing something you can get distracted by watching people on YouTube. Dinah Washington was one of the person that he can feel so relax and free and can lose his focus when he hears her sing. He likes jazz music there’s just something he likes about it that soothes him and puts him in a place where no one can bother him. Technology can relax us in anyway a lot of people can agree with William Powers that by watching videos or anything basically can really relax your mind. No matter how much he tries he always ends up being on the internet and doing things that he enjoys doing very much.

I have quite a lot of “Mental Spa” but the one thing I can’t live without is music, I really enjoy listening to music it really calms me down especially when I’m stressed out. I take my phone everywhere, of course for many reasons but one of the reasons would be to listen to music. I basically listen to music 24/7 it takes me to a place where I can’t be bothered even just for a little while it still helps me to relax and calm myself and escape my life for just a bit.


Chapter 5 Summary: Walking To Heaven


Plato was a philosopher he is a very wise man with so much talent, he believed that everything that was physical and material is not real. He thought that heaven was real and everything that involves it made him believe it even more then he ever believed anything before. He was born in Athens with his mother named Perictione whose family boasted off a relationship with the famous Athenian lawmaker and lyric poet Solon. He had a teacher named Socrates, Socrates is one of the most famous Greece’s golden age because all of their talented performances. Plato used his greatest dialogues also known as Phaedrus. Plato has a lot of opinions and he uses them with a great talent with thinking. It also talks about sex and how you do it with your significant other or someone that you don’t even know. Lysias says that doing it with someone you don’t have feelings for then doing it with someone that you have feelings for is harder because all the emotions are all there. Honestly if I have to give an opinion I would disagree with that because doing it with someone you barely know is just not me. I think doing it with someone you know and you have deeply connection with is smarter and no one gets hurt. Everyone has their different view on society even Plato and Socrates. Staying connected is very important and technology has taken so much of our lives that staying connected is number 1. I really like this chapter because it talks about the smartest things about Plato’s opinion on everything in life. 

Accidentally Spiritual


The more time you stay connected online is great but I completely agree on the article we were reading, it does take up so much of your time. Even though it does make you feel that way I still enjoy it very much because staying connected is one of the most important thing in the social world. I like to stay connected because I like knowing where to get my information from and where to stay ahead of the game. There are so many people that connects themselves 24/7 and you miss so much time in life because of staying connected all the time. There are so much advantages and disadvantages about technology you can use it in so many ways and staying connected is where everyone gets their relationships on point. The boredom you get without technology isn’t simple, a lot of people enjoy being entertained with technology.

William Powers basically talks about how he stays connected all the time online that he rarely gets a chance to pay attention to his wife and his son. The more he gets connected the more it gets intense because it grows more and more that he can’t stop being connected. He begins to notice that things were getting out of control, he realized that the more he spends checking his inbox and updating his status the more people tend to leave. He didn’t like that idea at all because he begins to notice that the less time he spends enjoying the world around him, he opened his eyes when things begin drifting apart. Connecting is really all about your inner self and how you want to control it, it really depends on you.