Social Media

My strongest influence in my life would have to be Skype or anything that includes connecting to my family from the Philippines. I really think keeping in touch with my family is very important it’s amazing how technology can do something like that. I know that things happen in life that we all can’t really explain. I have had news from my family that my grandma died and it was a sudden news, finding out about that made me sad of course I did not like what I heard. If the medium that I am already using changes I would not respond well because without social media I would not be able to connect and catch up with the people I care about. Keeping in touch with my family on Skype helped a lot because we all know what’s going on, if we didn’t have technology to help us it would have been difficult to connect with them. I think technology is a great way to connect with anyone but I do know that we all have different answers to that. Certain people can say that they do not want to be involve in the technology for keeping in touch with loved ones. I feel that those people that do not participate in any medium is something that they believe in and I do respect that. I do consider them old school because possibly they have different ways to connect with social media and it is something that works for them. Therefore, I think technology is everything it’s the way people interact with anyone that is important to them. Technology is a big thing that can’t be ignored.



One thought on “Social Media

  1. I know Skype is very important to people because it allows them to communicate with your love ones. I don’t know what I would do if i didn’t have Skype.

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